Picture of the Day: Cruising in Tapiola

The Artist
Ok, I’m more or less stuck with this Hergé -style of drawing, but at lest the subject of my picture is original (non-Tintin world of my own). The location: Tapiola in Espoo, Finland. Cars: ´57 Oldsmobile 88 Holiday & ’61 Cadillac DeVille Town Sedan. Even today Tapiola still has this 60s architectural style and feel and it inspires me – worth a visit anytime. This work was drawn in Photoshop.

Picture of the Day: Spillway excursion

The photographer
Today I made a brief field trip to Espoo Manor. On the premises of the late 19th century manor is a lumber mill with a small water reservoir and a spillway. I climbed down right under the spillway and took some shots, testing different shutter speeds. It was pretty dark down there, about an hour before the sundown, so I needed quite heavy ISO settings. The results weren’t that bad and the slight graininess gives black & white images that little edge.

Picture of the Day: The Misadventures of a Tintin fan.

The Artist
I’ve always been a Tintin fan and admired the graphic style of the comic books and the art of Hergé. I made my own tribute to the great artist by drawing a typical early 20th Century building in Helsinki, Finland (the exact address is 11 Liisankatu). I did the entire picture using Photoshop, first creating a black pen-like drawing using a small hard brush and then colouring the image. Then I added typography and the rest of the elements to create the illusion of a cover art.

Picture of the Day: Once Upon a Time in the Hundred Acre Wood

The photographer
I’m no wildlife photographer (I just don’t like to spend hours and hours in some cold, wet and muddy field or forest, waiting for something to happen), but I love to photograph exotic animals. This time I visited Toronto Zoo, in Canada, and I spotted this tiger at close shooting range. I took my camera out, and just when I was about to take the picture, this beautiful creature gave me this slightly annoyed look. The rest of the pictures I took were just a waste of time, since the cat chose to ignore me and the eye contact was lost. Photography is a delicate subject and it sometimes requires a great deal of luck to make things happen.

Picture of the Day: Creating the illusion

The photographer
Tony Curtis meets Fred Astairesque Mary Poppins wannabe. The studio system era Hollywood has always been a source of inspiration for me – and always will.

Being a hero of my own world has proven to be the path that I’ve chosen as a way to express myself artistically. In these days of selfies and artists taking self portraits, I wanted to take my art of self portraits to a level of something different; to tell stories. The hero of my pictures is more or less influenced by the mid-20th Century entertainment business. I always wanted to be the next Gene Kelly, Cary Grant, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, James Dean, Muhammad Ali and all the rest of the gang from that era. Those days are all gone, but luckily I’m able to do things and create the magical world of my own. And to make magic I don’t have to go to extremes. So this time I’d like to share with You sort of a case study of how things are done.

First I had the background image; rather ordinary looking snap shot taken in Brighton, UK.
Then I created a brand new billboard image using Illustrator.
And then it was my turn, making jumps in front of my camera on a tripod, taking 12 images in a row after pressing self-timer. The total of pictures I took was something like 40 images (most of them unusable on account of bad timing). All done without flash light in raw sunlight. The final image was then Photoshopped together from these three elements and the background image got some light rendering and some “night time treatment”.

Picture of the Day: Urban Greenery Revisited

The photographer
Eira Park is one of my favourite parks in Helsinki. The former dump was turned to a traditional baroque-style park in 1913 and the design was based on German-influenced garden architecture. Yesterday the weather was slightly rainy and I shot this photo against the sun light that came through the tree branches, but somehow the results weren’t that bad.